Five Tips to Becoming a Successful Fleet Manager

fleet leasingFleet management can challenging, but rewarding career. It requires at least some knowledge of the automotive industry, changes in legislation, and at least a working knowledge of accounting, personnel management, and automobiles. A recent article in Automotive Fleet discusses tips for success for someone entering the field of fleet management. However, we thought that these tips can be useful for almost any fleet manager, whether new or experienced. The top five tips include:

Networking – Both in person and online. There are probably some helpful groups right in your area. The article also recommends using online networking sites, such as LinkedIn, to find appropriate and helpful groups and organizations. If you have questions, there’s probably someone out there with experience who has answers.

Working the Phones – In today’s online world, a lot of people forget about the importance of the voice-to-voice, person-to-person interaction that can happen over the phone. Having direct conversations can help you build the connections that you will be working with and depending on for the rest of your career.

Getting Out of the Office – Managers need to be aware of what’s going on their operation at all times, and there’s no better way to do this than by being out and about. “Manage by walking around” – meaning be open and close to staff, always ready to communicate. It will help you to better understand and anticipate both staffing and business needs.

Always Be Learning – This is a field that is constantly in flux. There are numerous moving parts and changing dynamics across processes, legal issues, economic forces, and technology innovations. By constantly educating himself or herself, manager can stay abreast of these changes and ahead of the competition.

Joining Professional Networking Groups and Associations — Engaging with colleagues for networking on a regular basis can be invaluable because it’s likely that you will meet others who have faced the same challenges your face and can help you find solutions. Some associations that are worth considering include:

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