How to Educate Your Boss About Fleet Management

In today’s business environment fleet managers can expect to have more than one supervisor throughout their careers. Fleet management is a specialty, a very unique discipline, and it is more likely than not that a new boss won’t have much background and understanding. Oftentimes, it’s the job of the fleet manager to help educate the new boss about the role and operation of fleet management in an organization.

A recent article in Automotive Fleet points out that getting the new boss up to speed on fleet management requires careful planning and presentation skills, and they provide some pointers for effective “training”:

Do a little research on the new boss to familiarize yourself with their background and experience. When a new supervisor is named, he or she will likely come from within the ranks of whatever department or function fleet management resides (i.e., someone from accounting, finance, sales, or corporate services). But, it is often the case that someone from outside the department or outside the company will fill the role. An important part of this “training” process is to know the background of the new boss.

Based on the information found, ask the new boss questions about what he or she is interested to learn about fleet. Find out from the new supervisor what he or she knows (and doesn’t know) about what you and the fleet department do. Having an open discussion can also reveal what a new boss wants to know. Find out which areas of the fleet operation are of greatest interest to him or her.

It may be helpful to cover the basics of fleet management in a “class” setting, and keep data in an easy-to-follow format. There are certain questions most managers have when exposed to the company fleet; common questions that require straightforward answers, including:

  • Why are we using the vehicles that are on the selector?
  • Why can’t we use smaller vehicles to save money?
  • Why don’t we keep our vehicles longer?
  • Why do we lease/own?
  • Can’t employees drive their own vehicles?

Develop a relationship. Keep the dialogue going. You can’t expect everything to be covered in one meeting. Preparing for the education of the new boss is the key to success, and understanding how to approach him or her to initiate the process is simple common sense.

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