Top 10 Fleet Trends in the Past Decade

From the technology revolution in the early years to fuel price volatility and the impact of recently introduced environmental legislation, a recent article in Automotive Fleet, “Top 10 Fleet Trends in the Past Decade,” discusses the obstacles fleets have had to overcome and some of the enduring trends over the last 10 years.

Outsourced Fleets

There has definitely been a move from a traditional ownership approach to an outsourced model. From outsourcing the entire fleet management function to adopting lessor agreements in the place of vehicle purchase and utilizing third-party providers for maintenance and accident management, the market has been flooded with choices in recent years.

Understanding Utilization

The economic slowdown during the last decade has prompted organizations of all shapes and sizes to reassess traditional methods of assigning vehicles and equipment, while reducing both unnecessary costs and harmful CO2 emissions.

Greener Fleets

Whether fleets embrace greener fleet practices, such as selecting more fuel-efficient vehicles to meet ever-increasing environmental legislation or to add to the wider organization’s corporate social responsibility, going green has certainly become a prominent trend and will likely continue going forward.

Fuel Consciousness

The price per barrel of fuel has skyrocketed in the last decade, leaving many fleets struggling to maintain any type of control over their operating budgets. In order to minimize fuel spending, fleets have had to reassess the types of vehicles purchased or implement driver awareness training to promote more fuel-friendly driving behaviors. Harnessing technology to encourage such fuel-saving strategies will be crucial.

Focus on Driver Safety

Employers must be ever vigilant of their legal responsibilities regarding employees’ welfare if they’re driving vehicles for business purposes. This has facilitated a move toward process automation as a risk mitigation tactic, resulting in technology that can provide a safety net for thousands of fleets across the country.

Cutting Costs

Cutting out the waste in every business function has been important across all organizations in the last 10 years. With the use of new technology and information systems, underutilized vehicles or excessive costs can be quickly identified and measures put in place to monitor and identify waste in fleet operations.

Increased Regulation and Taxation

Ever-changing tax and regulatory rules have altered the responsibilities of the fleet manager to continually find offsetting cost reductions or deal with ever-increasing compliance and legislative mandates; it is only going to get more difficult.

Growing Technological Advances

New technological advances, such as GPS-based telematics devices, workforce management/dispatch and routing software, driver mentoring devices, video surveillance, and smartphones, bring with them newfound efficiencies and streamlined processes.

Strategic Approach to Acquiring Fleet Vehicles

Many corporate and municipal fleets have adopted the tactic of competitive bidding and awards to multiple suppliers based upon a specific class or type of vehicle to ensure that the organization’s precise business and functional needs are maintained, all the while achieving the best value for the money.

The Role of the Fleet Manager

The importance of the role of fleet manager in an organization’s ability to accomplish its mission has increased over the last 10 years. In many organizations, with the exception of senior management, there are few roles that have as much influence over the day-to-day operations as the fleet manager, including financial, operations, and recruitment responsibilities.

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