Managed Fleet Maintenance


This is a Fleet Management Program with National capabilities, which is handled externally by our ASE certified Fleet Management partner – “Network. This is an un-bundled “pay-as-you-go” program which bills incurred maintenance charges monthly to the end user.  There is a small monthly fee per vehicle which varies according to fleet size.

What is Network?

Network” is Capital Lease Group’s transaction processing solution. However, they are much more than that. What they truly bring to the table are savings, information and most importantly control.  They are responsible for the overall maintenance of approximately 140,000 commercial vehicles.

Because of this sheer volume, they have developed proprietary systems and teamed that up with receiving volume discounts that they pass on to Independent Lessors such as Capital Lease Group.  Best way to think of them is similar to an HMO – you can get better pricing as long as you operate within the Network since they have created a Network of 50,000 vendors (35,000 National Accounts & 15,000 independents) who want their business.

Another point that helps them stand out from their competition is who’s answering the phone.  They have a call center that has won awards (Blue Seal Award) and is manned by ASE Certified Technicians who have received the same certifications that the vendors who’d be calling for approval have received. Capital Lease Group has positioned itself, through partnership with “Network”, as a Maintenance Management tool that will allow your company to realize savings, vehicle history and control over your fleet’s maintenance expenditures.


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