Vehicle Leasing


Have you ever wondered why you should consider leasing? Has anyone ever sat down with you to find out what it is you, as a company, are trying to accomplish? Has anyone ever explained the variety of lease options that can be structured and tailored to meet the requirements of your company?

At Capital Lease Group we are committed to structuring a lease that that will be designed to fit your business rather than having your business conform to the confines of a standard lease.

Leasing can offer many advantages as long as the lease is structured properly. Some of those benefits are:-

  • Overall costs may be reduced by paying only for the portion of the asset you intend to use.
  • Leases may be set up as an operating lease, whether they are closed-end or open-end leases. This would allow your company to not have the lease appear on your balance sheet, thus freeing up sources of capital.
  • Total costs may be guaranteed for the life of the lease.
  • Unpredictable residual risks may be eliminated.
  • Taxes may be reduced since business leases are fully tax deductible.
  • Buying power may be increased.
  • Tax liability may be reduced.
  • Low cost financing.

By leasing a vehicle, which is a depreciating asset, you will be freeing up cash flow to be utilized in areas that may increase your companies ROI.

At Capital Lease Group, we will invest the time to understand each customer’s individual needs while offering a full range of leasing services and products that will compliment each customer’s goals. Our experienced staff of knowledgeable experts in sales, administration and service will help you feel comfortable so that your main focus will be on your company’s vision while we handle all of your fleet requirements.

For more information on Closed-End, Open-End and TRAC Leases, click here.

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