UPDATE Nov, 2011

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installations To Reach 7.7 Million Worldwide By 2017

Electric vehicles (EVs) are being delivered by the thousands each month. The charging station infrastructure that enables vehicles to charge at home, at work and in public spaces is simultaneously being rolled out.

According to a new report by Pike Research, by 2017, more than 1.5 million locations to charge vehicles will be available in the United States, with a total of 7.7 million locations worldwide. Pike Research also anticipates that increasing demand for charging stations will be driven in part by a rapid decline in EV supply equipment (EVSE) prices.

Analysts say that EVSE prices will decrease by 37 percent through 2017 with the costs being driven down by competition. Manufacturers are expected to integrate their equipment with external storage units, home energy management systems and smart grid equipment.

The ‘EV charging as a service’ business model is growing as network operators look to provide EVSE location and status information available. These companies are expected to integrate billing and aggregate power consumption to create new services that will help to stabilize grid operations and create new revenue streams in the process.

Pike Research’s analysis further indicates that emerging categories such as direct current (DC) and wireless charging equipment will become increasingly important to the EV charging station market during the next six years. Deployments will reach 115,000 units and wireless charging equipment will come close to 150,000 units installed by 2017.

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