3 Ways Telematics Tracking Can Help Companies Save Money

telematics in fleet leasingPayroll is one of the largest expenses that a company has. Fleet managers understand just how difficult it can be to track the hours employees work and to know when employees are actually working. Having employees clocking in and out with timecards can lead to time tracking errors and can be unreliable, which can cost a business thousands of dollars. GPS tracking/telematics can help organizations reduce inaccurate compensation, lead to more profit for a company, and help alleviate pressure on tight budgets. A recent article in Government Fleet provides three ways that GPS tracking can help organizations eliminate unnecessary payroll dollars, including providing:

  • An Unbiased Employee Time Clock – You can get an accurate picture of when your drivers begin and end their day, and monitor any breaks in between.
  • Track Route Efficiency – Telematics software allows you to compare the optimal route versus the route taken, which can help managers analyze driver habits. You can see if your drivers pad hours, conduct personal activities, or don’t know the most efficient route.
  • Verification Using Fleet History – You can access historical data from your tracking software in order to establish the activities of your drivers and ultimately develop an accurate payroll.

Telematics solutions are one of the ways that many fleets are looking to manage their operations more efficiently, and are one of the most widely used management technologies among fleets.

As part of our goal to provide our clients with top-notch fleet leasing services and solutions, Capital Lease Group has partnered with Fleetronix. Fleetronix has created one of the most optimized and efficient GPS technology solutions available in the commercial vehicle fleet marketplace.

Fleetronix has a state-of-the-art system that uses GPS technologies, combined with software and wireless communications, which enable you to track, communicate with, and update your entire fleet of vehicles.

For more information or if you’re interested in a free webinar on telematics, contact Capital Lease Group.

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