Recent Report Quantifies Fleet Productivity Gains with Telematics

telematics in fleet leasingAn article in Automotive Fleet discusses a recent report that attempts to quantify the return on investment for fleets that have adopted telematics products.

The report looks at productivity and utilization trends, as well as cost efficiencies and idling reduction trends. The cost efficiencies analyzed included payroll and fuel savings gained with an optimized fleet. The average workday fell 20% on average to 8.6 hours from 10.6 hours. When paired with an engine idle reduction campaign, the savings multiply. Fleets saved an average of $45 per vehicle per month or $540 per vehicle per year, according to the report.

The report further looks at idling trends, noting an average decrease of 12% in idling minutes per vehicle per day.

“When you look collectively at the total economic impact of things like millions of service vehicles idling their engines and driving less, and businesses having far better visibility and control over their payroll hours, the impact is remarkable.”

Telematics solutions are one of the ways that many fleets are looking to manage their operations more efficiently, and are one of the most widely used management technologies among fleets.

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