Survey Finds Fleet Managers Rapidly Adopting Smartphones and Apps

A recent survey of 430 fleet leaders in North America found that fleet managers are rapidly adopting smartphones and work-related apps to manage their fleets from any location.

According to the survey, 76% of those surveyed said fleet managers carry smartphones at work, and 59% of respondents are using the smartphone or mobile apps to manage fleet activities, including fleet tracking and more advanced fleet and driver-related services.

The survey also reported that fleet management app usage has tripled over the last seven months; the previous survey conducted in March showed that 19% of managers were using smartphones or mobile apps to manage their fleets.

The survey found that fleet managers will continue to adopt these tools for work. Of those surveyed, 53% expect fleet management app adoption to continue to increase.

Drivers are also using smartphones; 67% of respondents said that all or most of their drivers have smartphones. And, 35% of fleet leaders said drivers are using job-specific apps, often for navigation. Seventeen percent of respondents said they expect to deploy additional smartphone apps for their drivers during the next year.

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