How Telematics Can Improve Fleet Safety and Keep Your Business Running

Most fleets are starting to use telematics to track driver and vehicle location and have seen some of the cost saving benefits. However, a recent article in Business Fleet discusses ways that telematics systems can also help promote fleet safety and encourage drivers to engage in safe driving practices. Additionally, the article points out how telematics can provide fleet managers with the ability to hold drivers accountable for safety.

Advanced GPS technologies can provide a whole host of information about drivers’ driving practices, including:

  • How fast vehicles are moving
  • Whether they are accelerating too quickly or braking too harshly
  • Whether the driver’s seatbelt is fastened

All this data can provide fleet managers with information about drivers’ patterns of behavior, which can be used to coach, discipline, and reward drivers.

Many fleet managers are also using telematics to stay on top of fleet maintenance, which can help decrease costs over the long term. Telematics systems can automate the maintenance process by pulling error codes from the vehicle as they occur and send them to the fleet manager.

You can read the full article to learn more about how some fleet managers are specifically utilizing telematics to increase fleet safety.

Another article in Automotive Fleet, “Telematics to the Rescue,” discusses ways that organizations are using telematics during extraordinary circumstances to keep their fleets and businesses running. Having a telematics system can be the difference between keeping vehicles and the business running or coming to a dead stop under tough weather conditions and during other difficult situations. The article includes a story about how one organization was able to keep their fleet running and safe during the Boston Marathon bombing.

“During the race and especially after the bombing incident, our dispatch center was able to locate vehicles via our telematics system and help our drivers reroute vehicles safely away from the scene,” explained Joe Yurkus, fleet maintenance and safety manager for MassTran Corporation, Inc. “The cell towers were disabled, but our satellite-driven telematics system kept us informed, and the company was able to contact clients and facilities keeping them updated in real time about the whereabouts of our vehicles.”

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