Report Details Most Common Risky or Inefficient Maneuvers Fleet Drivers Make

The recently released “2012 Fleet Driver Performance Data Benchmark Report” provides new data about fleet drivers’ safety records and driving habits. The report analyzed safety performance data for more than 70,000 drivers worldwide.

The report says the most commonly made risky or inefficient driving events include corner handling (29%), harsh braking (26%), and speeding (26%). This is a change from 2011, where drivers’ most common risky maneuver was speeding, at 40% of the total.

The report found also that although there aren’t any seasonal variations in driver performance, there are variations depending on the time of day. Safety Scores show small numbers (and safer driving) during the early morning, with scores as low as 2 (anything under 20 is considered “safe” driving), and as high as 9 during peak, rush-hour periods.

The report calculated its Safety Scores based on driver performance in five categories, including braking, acceleration, corner handling, lane handling, and speeding.

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