Ford Discontinues E-Series Vans: What Other Van Options Are There?

The end has finally come, Ford discontinued the E-series vans. The workhorse that contractors, owner operators, and service and repair businesses have all depended on, for at least a decade, is gone. What options are there to fill the void?

Everyone has heard of Ford’s replacement product the Transit and smaller Transit Connect. These vehicles are great, except you need an expert to spec it out for you! So many options mean attention to the details is really important with these vehicles. They do get better fuel economy, but beware the “high-roof” selection. Sure it’s great to walk around upright in your work van but good luck reaching a roof mounted ladder rack! Order times vary due to their being constructed in Spain.

Then there is the new Dodge Pro-Master and the smaller Pro-Master City. They are virtually clones of the Ford Transit, with similar mileage and dimensions, but fewer factory features. They are pricier, but offer an industrial look, if that is important to your brand recognition. They tow a few pounds less than the Transit as well. Order times vary as they are also made overseas, in Turkey.

Chevy and GMC – These companies with the Express and Savanna respectively, have not changed much at all. For those of you who want the traditional repair van look and feel, and are also looking for diesel engine options with best in class towing, this van is for you. Just don’t wander too far from the gas pumps! Tried and true, the vehicle is not slated for any major changes in the near future. Order times are more consistent with what consumers are used to.

Nissan – The new kid on the block. This van is the least expensive option and comes with the most driver cabin options. It is also huge with a high roof, and can tow almost 10,000 pounds. It delivers great value if you want an import option. The high roof, like on the transit, makes having a ladder rack on top a bad idea, unless you have some really tall workers.

All of these vehicles have their pros and cons. Remember that going to a dealer to lease you will get taken for a ride, and I don’t mean a test drive! Reach out to us at Capital Lease Group today so we can consult with you as you modernize your fleet. We will help you decide on the best vehicle for the application and avoid those “post-purchase blues”! Keep your cash where it belongs and discover (or re-discover) modern leasing today!

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