I hear the term “Fleet” “Fleet Leasing” and “Fleet Management” used a lot, what exactly are these?

A Vehicle Fleet is the number of vehicles any business, institution or agency operates to run their business.  Any combination of cars, vans, trucks and especially vehicles.  Basically, anything that is registered and rolls on streets and highways.

We have vehicles but certainly not enough to be called a fleet.  How many are necessary to comprise a fleet?

If you have more than one vehicle you have a fleet but depending on the type of business you are you can qualify for fleet status with some manufacturers  with as few as three to five vehicles

What’s so great about having fleet status with a manufacturer?

When used properly,  acquiring vehicles through fleet ordering platforms will cost less than if purchased from dealer stock through the retail platforms.  There is also more long-term pricing consistency thru the fleet ordering platforms compared to the rollercoaster retail side of the automotive business.

So what’s “Fleet Leasing”?

Capital Lease Group is a commercial fleet leasing business offering many types of lease structuring to best match the needs of a business.  We do not lease to individuals.

I lease my personal car, what’s the difference between that and fleet leasing?

That’s called a consumer lease and it locks you in using one type of lease structure only.  With commercial fleet leasing, you have many more choices of lease structure to select from. 

So what are some of the different lease structure choices?

We can provide you with leases that will reduce or eliminate all risk of lease end obligations. We have leases that you can opt out of with no penalty after one full year in service.  We have leases that allow unlimited mileage and no excess mileage bill backs.  We have leases where you can recover lease end value when the lease terminates.   We provide leases that include all maintenance and repairs, vehicle insurance, registration and excise tax processing.  Consumer leases don’t do any of that.

So what does “Fleet Management”  mean?

Fleet management is the process that encompasses all of the above and more.  It can either be done entirely by the business or they can outsource some or all phases of it to a fleet management company.  It’s been my experience that businesses manage none or some but not all phases of their vehicle fleet process properly.  I like to think of it more as the difference between fleet management and “Successful Fleet Management”

What do you mean by phases and successful fleet management?

There are five phases or steps in the fleet management process and when all are done properly it’s successful, when they are not you should consider outsourcing for help in the areas you are weak in.

What are the five phases?

On a very high level, the five phases are listed below but chapters could be written detailing the make-up of each phase.  When all are done properly you will have a smooth running machine getting the most out of it at the lowest overall expense.

  1. Planning/Preparation
  2. Acquisition
  3. Financing
  4. Useful Life Support
  5. Disposition

Can I change the mileage allowance on an existing lease to make it more accurate, so as to avoid overpaying during or at lease end?

Sure you can, we realize a lot of Companies that are developing new territories may require more or less miles than originally anticipated. We are able to re-write the lease mileage based on the newer more accurate information and may even be able to adjust the terms to be more favorable as well.

If I wanted to consolidate all my company’s leases with different Lessors, so I can get just one bill, can I do that with CLG?

Of course, It makes a lot of organizational sense to do so especially for your accounts payable department and your Fleet Manager; in some cases consolidating the billing can result in reducing the monthly costs as they are rewritten and restructured.

Will CLG do business with a startup Company?

Yes, having a good business plan showing positive cash flow and with strong ownership will get CLG’s attention and interest in providing vehicles and equipment.

Does CLG offer a full maintenance program?

Yes, we can design a maintenance plan to fit your fleet’s needs which would enable you to know what your fixed costs will be.

Do you offer 24/7 roadside assistance?

Yes, we are partners with a large national company to be able to provide this valuable service and give our customers peace of mind.

Can you offer assistance with accident claims?

We have expertise in this area which allows us to take the burden off our clients’ shoulders.  Once a claim has been set up with your insurance company, we can handle everything from towing (if needed), to body repair and replacement vehicle if your policy allows.