Below are some of the questions many customers ask.

What is the benefit to me to lease through Capital Lease Group when I can buy a vehicle at 0% or very low finance rates through a dealer?


There are many benefits…0% or low very low finance rates are subsidized by the manufacturers and are only offered to consumers buying from the “Retail Platform”.More often than not the benefits provided to you through the “Fleet” and “Government” platforms far outweigh the saving you may think you realize financing at 0%.We can show you how you can acquire vehicles at a fraction of the cost to buying retail and financing at 0%.If you are eligible to buy from the “Fleet” and/or “Government” platforms it is a mistake to think and buy only as a retail consumer. If in a case we need to use the retail platform for you, in lieu of a 0% finance rate the manufacturers offer retail rebates so with your good credit and strength as a business you will qualify for a low finance rate with us and finance a lower payment amount than you would at 0%.


What different types of services can you provide for me if I lease vehicles through you?


Within the five phases of successful fleet management mentioned above (planning, acquisition, financing, useful life support & disposition) each phase has many different elements we can assist you with. The services we provide for you allow your employees to focus on the tasks they were hired to do for you to run your business successfully and not have them unproductively taking care of vehicle problems and the day matters related to registration renewals, excise tax bill management, managed and full maintenance programs, fuel purchasing, insurance, accident reporting and management, market timing and vehicle disposition.



Do you take trade-ins?


Yes we do, as long as there is enough equity in the vehicle to produce a surplus that can be used as a down payment on a new lease with Capital or enough to be able to cut you back a surplus check at the time of the new lease. We also help our clients sell any unwanted vehicles in their fleets, without any potential Lemon Law issues.


I have loans outstanding on some of my old vehicles will you pay it off for me and allow me to finance that amount too?


If you are in an equitable position with your trade we will assist you in getting the loan paid off or apply as mentioned above but we do not believe it is a good practice to finance and charge interest on negative equity or an upside down situation. What we can do for you in a situation where you have a number of outstanding vehicle loans (some in equitable and some in unequitable positions) is to buyout and release those vehicles back to you using the equity you have in some and apply to negative equity in others thereby balancing their starting released values to reflect true market values. It’s been our experience in many situations like this where we have been able to even lower the total combined current monthly payment.



“Fleet Management” I have used programs in the past and been using through my current leasing provider, is yours the same?


Some things will be similar, but with our experience and customized approach you will get the level of involvement you desire and need on a personal level from our entire Capital Lease Group team for the entire term of the lease



I have seen your quote but why do you still seem more expensive than the dealer when your pitch was you offering better prices?


Dealerships do not provide your final quote until you are signing the Purchase and Sales agreement. They are notorious for leaving out some of the details.Our quote is based on 48 years of Fleet Leasing and Management experience and we are notorious for covering all the details and including what needs to be included in a legitimate lease quote.

If you have doubts about the lease quote your dealer or leasing company is providing you, we would be happy to review the language or numbers with you, your CPA or Attorney.


I have been with a competitor of yours for years, how are you better?


First I would like to thank you for reaching out to Capital Lease Group in looking for answers to questions that are important to you and likely not being addressed properly. We both know that if everything is perfect in your current Fleet Management relationship you would be less likely to be reaching out to other Vendors like you have. We are appreciative that you have and believe you will be happy you did.

We have the feel of our family run business, with all the benefits of speed and ease of dealing with us that provides. There is no corporate pyramid here, no playbook. Our goal is to make an honest living while helping our customers manage their fleet in the optimal manner to improve cash flow and reduce overall operating costs. Our relationships with our customers on a personal level is primary When you become tired with changing sales reps, account managers, and points of contact, you will be pleased with our single point of contact here for determining the course you wish us to take regarding managing your fleet, ordering replacements, and obtaining additional units.