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Need help managing your company’s vehicles and equipment? You’ve come to the right people. Capital Lease Group is an independent, full-service fleet management services company based in Brockton, MA, and serves local, regional and national companies.

Whether you are leasing one vehicle or 100 vehicles, we offer an array of personalized services, from leasing to sales or local to nationwide maintenance support, convenient fuel cards and rental replacements.

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Unlocking New Potential: How Technology Is Changing The Future of Car Keys

It’s a tired and hackneyed narrative—misplacing your car keys was, perhaps, at one time comical due solely to its universal relatability, but today it seems a holdout from a more primitive time. After all, humans can figure out brain surgery and can send their fellow man into outer space, but we’re still stranded every time we set our keys down somewhere unexpected? Perhaps not for long.

Believe it or not, car keys had already undergone massive evolution by the early 2000s when GM first offered remote start as a standard feature on its key fobs, but things have changed so materially in the last 10 years that it’s hard to see those days as anything but antiquated. Now, as technology continues to forge ahead, new methods of unlocking vehicles may become standard sooner than you might imagine.

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